About Alera Group Orange County

Centennial has been a leading Employee Benefits firm since our founding in 1999. We focus on improving the financial and operational performance of health care and employee benefits programs for mid-sized and large employers, who are challenged by complexity, communication and cost predictability.

In early 2017, Centennial helped to create Alera Group, an independent national insurance and financial services firm. We did this through a merger of 24 like-minded, high-performing firms. All Centennial owners continue to be active in the business as partners in Alera. Our mission is to enhance our client’s experience by providing a greater depth and breadth of resources, innovative thinking and constant collaboration. Now, almost three years after creating Alera Group, we are retiring the Centennial name. We are not retiring our Centennial values.

Our goal as Alera Group Orange County is the same as it was as Centennial: deliver the best possible outcomes—positively impacting our employees, clients, communities and the lives of people where we serve. We continue to set a higher standard for the client experience by providing the enhanced resources, technical experience and best practices of a larger firm. We will continue to deliver personal service and the independent decision-making power of a local business.

There is a level of excitement at Alera that our employees and clients see and experience every day. Our people care about their clients, they care about each other and they care about making a difference.

We start with a consultative approach and partner to build a plan that fulfills your objectives. Our innovative strategic benefits planning process helps employers evaluate their current needs, explore new opportunities and identify goals for the future – all while meeting their unique employee and financial needs.  We deploy national resources that are locally delivered such as best in class communications tools. This is coupled with an intentional approach to accountability.

We are dedicated to understanding our clients' business needs, human resource objectives, financial goals, and long-term strategic plans. We strive to find new and innovative ways for employers to offer high quality, affordable benefits to their employees now and in the years to come.

Why work with Alera Group Orange County? Because we provide the best of both worlds – national scope combined with local service.

To learn more about Alera Group, visit aleragroup.com or follow them on Facebook, Twitter (@AleraGroupUS) or LinkedIn (@AleraGroup).